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A Bolter & Chainsword fan project to compile a timeline compendium for the Black Templar chapter of the Space Marines.
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 Ok let's make a start

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PostSubject: Ok let's make a start   Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:40 am

Hi all,

All right we are starting to get a few people signed up and I suspect more will start coming along soon as we get work underway. We already have a pretty extensive draft list of canon Crusades. Let's start populating some initial canon facts in each of the Crusade threads.

the OP of each Crusade will be reserved for the compilation of Crusade information and will effectively be the working page, but feel free to post away in the threads themselves. My suggestion is that we right all canon (verified) information in the OP in red to reflect it as fact and something which cannot be played with. Where there is contradictory information (i.e two different contradicting sources) I suggest writing it in Orange so we know that we need to does some fluff work on that.

But I think first up lets start compiling known facts about the Crusades and links to where that fact came from if possible.

Have at it!

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Ok let's make a start
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