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 The Donian Crusade

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PostSubject: The Donian Crusade   The Donian Crusade Icon_minitimeWed Jun 01, 2011 6:51 am

The Donian Crusade
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PostSubject: Re: The Donian Crusade   The Donian Crusade Icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2011 3:16 am

Name: Donian Crusade
Date: 985.M39 to 002.M40
Marshal: Marshal Austein
Chaplain: Augustin and Leuter
Champion: Tomas

Crusade Banner Bearer Tonis
HouseBanner Bearer Eckehart
2 Techmarines
4 Apothecaries
34 Sword Brethren
14 suits of Tactical Dreadnought armour
4 Dreadnoughts
7 Land Raiders (2 Phobos, 3 Demos, 2 Crusader)
3 Rhinos
3 Predator Annihilators
3 Razorbacks
1 Whirlwind

19 Thunderhawk Gunships

Fighting company Heinman
Castellan Heinman
Banner Bearer Klesel
2 Techmarines
2 Apothecaries
145 Initiates
34 Neophytes
2 Dreadnoughts
3 Land Raiders (2 Demos, 1 Crusader)
7 Rhinos
2 Predator Destructors
6 Razorbacks
3 Whirlwinds
17 Jump packs

Fighting Company Lazarus
Castellan Lazarus
Banner Bearer Balthasar
3 Techmarines
2 Apothecaries
171 Initiates
56 Neophytes
3 Dreadnoughts
2 Land Raiders (2 Crusader)
11 Rhinos
3 Predator Destructors
2 Predator Annihilators
7 Razorbacks
5 Vindicators

Fighting Company Gotchalcus
Castellan Gotchalcus
Banner Bearer Hildebrandt
1 Techmarine
1 Apothecary
87 Initiates
41 Neophytes
3 Rhinos
7 Land Speeders
24 Combat bikes
12 Scout bikes
4 Attack bikes
34 Jump packs

810 Black Templars total

Fleet Assets:
Battle barge Sigismund's Light
Foregeship Heracles
Strike cruiser Dorn's Sword
3 Rapid strike vessels
19 Thunderhawk gunships

Friendly Forces:

Enemy Forces:

Location: Nickel V, others
Segmentum: Segmentum Pacificus
Sector: Donian Sector
World Classification:

Ork incursions in the sector reached a critical point. The Black Templars declared a crusade and spent the subsequent 17 years battling back the Xeno plague but only after the loss of Marshal Austein in the early years of the campaign. Marshal Wernher succeeded Austein after the original Marshal was killed fighting on Nickel V, circa 988.M41.

Source: p65 Codex: Black Templars 4th Edition, p50 Index Astartes Vol II

Marshal Wernher immediately went on to be the Marshal of the Thrangdon Crusade.

The Crusade was later joined by the strike cruiser Apocalypton and at least 6 more rapid strike vessels. The number of Space Marines on board these vessels is unknown. (p50 Index Astartes Vol II)

Fighting Company Gotchalcus' Castellan is originally listed as "Lazarus Gotchalcus." Given the other fighting companies this appears to be an obvious error, but the entry has nevertheless been marked in orange.
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The Donian Crusade
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